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Case Study

Easy-to-access, high quality international data for Strata Insights

Business Challenge

Strata wanted to survey IT professionals and decision-makers with knowledge of infrastructure, cloud-based products and services, from companies with $250-499 million or greater than $500 million revenue.

They wanted the study to be conducted internationally, with completes done in each country’s official language.

Given these requirements, Strata wanted to partner with a company that had expertise managing international studies and could deliver a high feasibility rate while reducing the risk of false completes.


• Technology


Sample Type

• Business Decision Makers


Primary Values

• Speed of delivery

• Single-source solution










Our Approach

Strata chose to partner with Precision Sample for their international IT study. The decision was, in part, due to Precision Sample’s willingness to commit to a high rate of survey feasibility.

“We chose Precision Sample because they promised a better feasibility rate. They spent more time being attentive to the screening of the candidates. We really valued how hard they tried to get a good sample for us, particularly in difficult markets,” said Tracy Chong, President & Brand Economist of Strata Insights Inc.

Strata was also pleased with Precision Sample’s ability to manage difficult foreign markets in delivering vetted, high quality survey responses.

“They did a great job of managing China, which is a difficult market for everybody in the category,” Tracy shared. “Precision also was really good about assisting with the translation process.”


High Quality Data, Fast – Not only was Tracy “happy with the number of completes, the quickness of the turnaround, and the quality of the data,” but they “always get it in a format that’s easy for us to analyze and manipulate. That’s Precision Sample’s strong suit and why we keep coming back to them.”

                       What Our Clients are Saying                      

“Sample companies are super focused on the B2C audience, which frankly is easy to get. Precision Sample has more access to a diverse range of B2B audiences. We have asked them, on multiple projects, to get C-Suite or executive level in technology. That is not an easy sample, and Precision Sample always comes through.”

– Tracy Chong, President & Brand Economist, Strata Insights Inc.


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