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Case Study

Full Speed Automotive gains access to non-customer survey data

Business Challenge

FullSpeed Automotive was internally managing customer satisfaction surveys conducted through an online panel. They were able to get information from clients but had no ability to gather non-customer survey results.

They needed to find a solution that could help them effectively collect both customer and non-customer survey data, allowing for comparison to better inform business decisions.


• Automotive


Sample Type

• Business Decision Makers


Primary Values

• Easy to work with

• Clean data

• Visibility

• Access

• Reporting




Our Approach

FullSpeed Automotive decided to partner with Precision Sample to gain direct access to non-customer survey data. Adding non-customer survey data allows FullSpeed Automotive to compare non-customer information with their own robust customer data sets to help develop a more comprehensive understanding of the marketplace.

“With Precision Sample, we have a better feel for new ideas, how they will impact current customers, and how they would appeal to new customers,” said John Vitagliano, VP Marketing at FullSpeed Automotive.

Precision Sample uses their deep expertise to guide a more consultative approach on each project. Clients’ business goals are the driving force behind their strategies for survey screening and targeting.

“It’s a dialogue, a discussion, a partnership – we talk about what we want to get done and they help us get there,” John said.

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Drive Educated Business Decisions: Precision sample elicits valuable feedback from customers and non-customers to better inform business and brand decisions. John Vitagliano, VP Marketing at FullSpeed Automotive, recalled one instance when Precision Sample “helped us to determine which brand we were going to use when we acquired a company. We researched brand names and determined which brand had a better head start in the market by assessing the response to brand names.”

A Consultative Approach: Precision Sample uses their broad expertise to understand and design each project to address targeted business goals.

Excellent Customer Service: “From the time we start to the time we finish a project, they are very responsive,” said John.

                       What Our Clients are Saying                      

“The way they present and provide the data – they don’t hold back on anything. I feel very comfortable using them. They deliver exactly what they say they are going to deliver.”

– John Vitagliano, VP Marketing at FullSpeed Automotive