Case Study

PRR’s first choice for online surveying

Business Challenge

Surveys are one of the most important tools PRR has for collecting information. They have partnered with various survey companies and have specific requirements to qualify an exceptional partner.

PRR regularly needs to conduct surveys in which it is essential that the data they collect is representative of the target area demographics.

PRR also likes to have the option to ask survey respondents if they wish to take part in a focus group, or online ethnography. Some panel companies they have worked with do not allow for this, which inhibits PRR’s ability to collect the depth of data they desire.


• Market Research


Sample Type

• Consumer

• Global


Primary Values

• Easy to work with

• Speed of delivery

• Flexibility






Our Approach

Precision Sample has become PRR’s first choice for online surveying.

The clearest advantage from their partnership is that surveys match the demographics of the region they are sampling. “Precision Sample gets this done on every study that we do. They are able to target certain demographics so we are able to get even representation,” said Bruce Brown, Senior Director of Client Services at PRR.

Precision Sample also offers surveys in multiple languages, one of the most important being Spanish, which allows for optimal demographic representation. “We had a statewide survey project in California, and we needed to match the demographics. 300 of the 1,300 surveys needed to be in Spanish, and Precision Sample did so well targeting the right demographics that the results did not need to be weighted to match the state’s demographics,” Bruce said.


Even Demographic Representation – Ensures survey samples can generate results true to a given region.

Great Customer Service – “Customer service has been excellent. It’s a huge part of why we are working with Precision Sample – it’s that simple,”

Ability to Shift Target Audiences in Real-Time – “If I’m looking at respondents mid-project and need more of a specific demographic, it’s incredibly smooth to contact Precision Sample, and they take care of the adjustment,” Bruce said.

Multilingual – Surveys are offered in multiple languages.

                       What Our Clients are Saying                      

“The people at Precision Sample are really nice to work with. My main goal: I need to get this done and I need it done right. But the fact that people are so pleasant – it’s really nice to have respectful, great people to work with. It makes working with PS that much better.”

– Bruce Brown, Senior Director of Client Services, PRR


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