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MetrixLab Acquires Strategic Ownership Position in Precision Sample

MetrixLab Acquires Strategic Ownership Position in Precision Sample

~ May 20th 2013

Global research operations significantly expanding panel/sample reach.

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands –– May 20, 2012—MetrixLab, a leading global provider of online market research solutions, today announced that it has reached an agreement with Precision Sample to acquire a strategic ownership position in the company. The companies will work together in 2013 to integrate Precision Sample’s panels into MetrixLab’s panel agnostic sample ecosystem ensuring continuity of high quality and capacity for its end clients.

Over time, Precision Sample will be integrated as MetrixLab and MarketTool’s North American sample solution while continuing to expand its sample only offering in the marketplace. At the core of Precision Sample is its Sample Partner Network (SPN). Through the SPN, Precision Sample partners with a wide range of high volume online properties and via API integrations powers full survey experiences for their members. There are currently 26 SPN partners that span a wide range of verticals from Coupon & Job Sites to B2B Communities and more. Precision’s North American panels are currently growing at a rate of 300,000 new members monthly and at this pace will be among the most capable in the industry by this time next year. The benefits of Precision’s panel acquisition methodology for research are significant:

Precision’s Panels display a very low incidence of “Professional Panelist” behavior when compared to other major US panels. Incidence of speeding, straight-lining and satisficing is approximately 1/3rd of that seen among its competitors. This is attributable to the fact that SPN panelists have not sought-out to join a survey panel but are simply participating in surveys at a site they have joined for completely different reasons.
SPN partners issue survey honorariums in a wide variety of formats that are commonly non-cash based. Many SPN members are participating in exchange for premium services and memberships that they may otherwise pay for or virtual currencies. This further reduces the presence of professional panelists in the audience.
While commenting on the transaction, Han de Groot, CEO of MetrixLab stated, “We are pleased to bring such a promising, well-positioned North American sample provider closer to the MetrixLab family. We are confident that Precision Sample’s innovative recruiting methodology will provide engaged respondents for MetrixLab and MarketTools clients and prove highly scalable as we work to expand its offerings into a global sample network.”

Don Golden, CEO of Precision Sample stated, “The partnership of Precision Sample and MetrixLab is a perfect fit at a time when the company is poised to expand globally. We look forward to servicing the sample needs of end clients with our best-in-class North American panels while leveraging the global reach of MetrixLab to expand our panels and customer base worldwide.”

About Precision Sample:

Founded in 2010, Precision Sample is one of the fastest growing companies in the online market research industry. With a focus on emerging technologies, Precision Sample helps businesses connect with consumers where they live via traditional online methods as well as at social networks and via mobile devices. Precision Sample’s clients have access to one of the most representative and dynamic panels available with over 1,000,000 highly vetted, active respondents across the US, Canada, UK & Australia growing at a rate of over 300,000 new panelists monthly. 2013 will see the expansion of Precision Sample’s capabilities with new panels being established in Western Europe and Latin America as well as a dedicated Hispanics panel in the United States.

About MetrixLab:

MetrixLab is the fastest-growing global provider of online consumer research services. Through the use of advanced respondent engagement techniques, comprehensive analytic tools, and expert knowledge of research science, MetrixLab helps clients innovate, optimize and execute programs that deliver high-value business impact. Our approach to research has been embraced by global brands in many industries. Specializing in the areas of Brand, Media and Advertising research, Innovation and Shopper research, eBusiness Performance and Customer Experience Management, our teams push the boundaries of market research innovation, combining cutting-edge technology with scientifically proven qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Worldwide research experts are supported by a groundbreaking advanced analytics team, a global consumer panel and a suite of market research software. Headquartered in Rotterdam, with offices in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, Shanghai, Hyderabad, London, Hamburg, Paris and Madrid, our team conducts online research in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Director, Global Supply at Precision Sample | President, South Central Chapter of Insights Association | Board Member of the Master of Science in Marketing Research Program at Michigan State University