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SurveyDownline (“we” or “our”) website (the “Site”) uses cookies to help improve your user experience and the performance of our Site. This Cookie Policy is incorporated into our Privacy Policy and may use terms defined therein. By continuing to use the Site, you consent to the terms of this policy. Please read this policy carefully to understand how we use cookies, web beacons and tracking technologies, and how you can control or manage your consent to the collection of data using these technologies.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website places on your browser. Cookies are widely used for security, to learn about and improve upon how users navigate a website, or to enable certain features. For example, cookies can allow a website to remember your password, determine information about the duration of your visit to a website, or to serve you relevant advertising.

Cookies have a time limit for which they will be stored. “Session cookies” remain on your browser while you are logged on to a particular website and ‘expire’ or are deleted from your device when you leave the website, close the browser, or delete them. “Persistent cookies” remain on your device for longer periods of time, sometimes indefinitely, or until you delete them. Such cookies may be installed by either a first party (the site you are visiting) or by a third party (a partner or party other than the Site, such as Google Analytics).

How can cookies affect my privacy?

Information from cookies can be aggregated and used to determine patterns of behavior on a website, to save your preferences, to analyze a user’s behavior when entering and leaving the site, or to deliver relevant advertising to a user on another site on the web. Over time, data from cookies can be aggregated to create anonymous user profiles that identify and analyze your preferences. To learn more about how cookies or tracking technologies are used and how they can affect your privacy, visit

What cookies do you use and how do you use them?

We use cookies for several important reasons, such as ensuring that our Site functions property, to enhance the usability of our Site, improve the Site’s design, or to deliver content that may interest you, whether on our Site or on the web. With your consent and in order to provide surveys and opportunities that may interest you, we may install cookies that track certain content you view on the internet. These cookies and the information they collect may contain Personal Information and is treated in accordance with our privacy policy.

Please read below to learn more about the categories of specific cookies, web beacons and tracking technologies that we use. If you have any additional questions about any cookies, web beacons or tracking technologies that we use, please contact us at

Essential Technologies

Our Site uses cookies that enable various operations on the webpage. For example, our Site requests the installation of a cookie to maintain an active session, or to keep you logged in as you complete a survey. We do not seek your consent to use these essential cookies. Please note that if your browser does not accept or if you delete these cookies, your experience on our Site may be significantly impaired.

Functionality-Related Technologies

Our Site may also use cookies to further enhance the operation and functionality of our Site. For example, our Site may request the installation of a cookie if you would like to save your username and password, or stay logged in after your session has ended. Please note, if your browser does not accept or if you choose to delete these cookies, these features may not function properly and your may lose the ability to enjoy certain aspects of our Site.

Performance-Related Technologies

Our Site may use cookies to improve the performance of our Site, to see whether you view certain content, or to learn how users interact with the features of our Site or other services. For example, when you arrive at our Site, the Site may install several session cookies that analyze how you spend your time on our Site. Our Site may also install persistent cookies that help us keep track of the number returning visitors and to understand how users reach our Site. While some of these cookies may use unique identifiers, the data is analyzed only in the aggregate and we do not use performance cookies to identify you personally.

Advertising and Targeting-Related Technologies

Our Site uses cookies to deliver content or advertisements that may be of interest to you. These advertisements may be delivered on our Site or on third-party sites after you visit our Site. If you are a registered user, with your consent, we may also install a cookie that tracks your browsing and advertising exposure anchornavigate to this siteadditional resources so that we may deliver surveys and opportunities that may interest you. For example, we may use these cookies, to analyze advertisements that you have clicked on so that we can follow up with a survey asking you about your impressions of that advertisement or product.

Web-Browsing Survey Cookie

If you are a registered user who opts in to our web-browsing survey feature, we may install additional cookies that are used in order for us to contact you with surveys about various things you see or do on the Internet. These tracking cookies contain Personal Information, including a random user ID that is linked to your account. Further, these cookies track certain sites you may visit, the advertisements you see, and whether you click on certain content. We may use this and other Personal Information to contact you about your experience with certain media or to direct you to a survey about your experiences. For more information about how we treat the Personal Information collected through this feature, please see our Privacy Policy.

Use of cookies by third parties

We are partnered with various third parties who help us monitor the usage of our site or to provide advertising and analytical services. Third parties may install certain cookies or we may provide aggregated data collected by cookies with our clients, affiliates, partners and other third parties. If you use our web-browsing survey cookie, we may share or a third party may collect Personal Information through the web-browsing cookie as may be required to deliver relevant surveys to you. By agreeing to this Cookie Policy, you consent to the sharing of Aggregated Data and, if applicable, any Personal Information collected by cookies provided by third parties.

How can I control cookies or withdraw my consent?

You can control cookies or withdraw your consent to their collection in several ways. First, many browsers allow you to change the settings such that the browser will either allow or block the installation of cookies. You may also delete all cookies stored by your browser using your browser’s privacy menu. Further, many modern browsers include a “do not track” feature that may help protect your privacy, although there is no defined response by many websites (including our Site) to a do-not-track request.

For more information about how to control cookies, please visit the following sites:

Updates to this Policy

We may update this policy from time to time. We will post the most current version of this policy with its effective date on our Site. Your continued use of the Site means you consent to the terms of this policy.


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