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› Panel Overview

Precision Sample owns and operates proprietary online, mobile, and social panels exceeding 25 million in 29 countries across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. With panel growth trending at over 500,000 new members monthly, our panels are among the largest and most capable in the industry. Managed by our experienced team, we employ state-of-the-art features and practices to deliver accuracy and response unmatched in the industry.

With 15,000 daily sign-ups and over 55,000 members participating in surveys daily, we have the ability to fill large census representative samples and hard-to-reach audiences with ease.
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› Quality Sentinel

In response to the data quality issues plaguing the majority of the sample industry, Precision Sample is proud to introduce:

Quality Sentinel is a proprietary 20-step panel validation, vetting and security process available only from Precision Sample. Quality Sentinel ensures only the most engaged and highest quality respondents access your survey each and every time.
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› Service Sets Us Apart

Precision Sample project management teams are empowered with one of the most sophisticated project and panel management platforms in the industry. We custom-built our platform to meet the evolving needs of the online and mobile research marketplace.

These state-of-the-art tools allow us to:

  • Respond to detailed RFP’s in a fraction of the time it takes most of our competitors.
  • Deliver sample in-field in less than 2 hours from the time of first contact.
  • Project managers complete every task in the standard sampling process with just a mouse click.

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› Programming & Hosting

We’ve collaborated with MetrixLab to evolve our RSVP platform into the most advanced online and mobile online survey platform available. What makes it so unique?
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› Proprietary Panels

Looking to build and manage a private panel for your company?

We can help you create an online panel of pre-screened respondents who have opted-in for research and show a willingness to participate in surveys.

Participants can be your customers, category consumers, members of the general public with a common interest, or members of a particular business population or industry.

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› Opinion Network

Online and mobile research is evolving as quickly as the landscapes in which it operates. Precision Sample has been building panels for more than ten years, and steadily watched as the effectiveness of traditional panel recruitment techniques declined. This decline dictated the need for a fresh approach to engaging with respondents.

Our solution is the OpinionNetwork. The OpinionNetwork allows us to access a unique pool of respondents who don’t seek out or join traditional panels. We do this with a highly evolved set of API integrations, allowing our partners to build mini panels within their non-research based sites. Panelists acquired through the OpinionNetwork are vetted, validated, and de-duplicated just as those acquired through a traditional panel.
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About Us

Don Golden and Partha Pudhota founded precision Sample in 2009. After successfully founding and establishing Clear Voice Research as a leading sample provider, Don and Partha saw significant gaps among emerging technologies and practices in the online research industry. Precision Sample was founded to address those gaps.

In 2013, Precision Sample proudly joined the MetrixLab family of companies, and became the in-house North American sample supplier to supplement MetrixLab’s existing OpinionBar European Panels.

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